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Health and Wellbeing Worker
Hi, I’m Sally and am one of the Health and Wellbeing workers here at the Emotional Wellbeing Service. I have been here since July 2017, moving from a secondary school where I ran a provision for vulnerable pupils.

Throughout my career, I’ve witnessed just how much of a positive impact the correct support regarding mental health can have on young people and it’s something I’m really passionate about… along with dogs, cheese, travelling to new places and supporting Wales in the rugby!

Health and Wellbeing Worker/ Volunteer Co-Ordinator
My name is Leanne and I am one of the Health and Wellbeing workers. My role involves facilitating groups, completing assessments and generally working to help young people in Cardiff and the Vale. I am also the volunteer coordinator so I try to find amazing volunteers who can help us to help you. We have great volunteers now who are just as dedicated and passionate as we all are.

My background is working in various roles including; support work, mental health, substance misuse, counselling and volunteering with the homeless. I have a real passion for making life easier for people.

Service Manager
Hi I’m Sandra.

I have the pleasure of managing the Emotional Wellbeing Service and providing support for the brilliant staff. I have worked in the Health and Social Care sector for over 20 years. I am a qualified youth worker, business manager and substance misuse professional.

I have been lucky enough to manage diverse services across South Wales, such as Families First, Youth Work Services, Young Carers, Alternative Education Provisions, Youth offending service, Substance misuse, Health Inclusion Programmes etc.

I hope I have made a difference to improve confidence, build resilience and see them reach their full potential and achieve their dreams.

Team Leader
Hi, I’m Jo.

I’m one of the health and wellbeing workers in the team. Following my degree in psychology I have worked in the mental health field for a number of years, both with adults and young people, in various community and hospital settings. I have a real passion for early intervention and in helping people as early as possible to build resilience, develop positive coping skills and empowering them to build the future they want!

When not in work, I’m usually pursuing my other passion for travelling and seeing new places.

Health and Wellbeing Worker
Hi my name is Ross.

I’m a fully qualified youth worker and I’m the substance misuse lead in the team.
Before I joined the team I was a young people’s drugs and alcohol worker for ten years and I’m happy to say I was able to help some very vulnerable people during that time.
That’s important to me because I’m passionate about working with young people and helping them through difficult times in their lives.

Before that I, I worked as an artist and film-maker and I got to work on some great projects. I still love to do creative things like painting and making music in my spare time.

Health and Wellbeing Worker
Hello, I’m Rachel! I have always had an interest in young people’s mental health, so following my degree in Psychology with Criminology I have worked with young adults experiencing Personality Disorder, as well as children with Autism Spectrum Disorder before joining the EWS team at the beginning of 2021.

One aspect of the role that I’m particularly passionate about is helping young people find their own strengths and celebrate their successes.

Outside of work, you’ll usually find me stand up paddle boarding, running, or doing something outdoors!

What our clients say

“[EWS] helped to learn new and better ways to deal with stuff”

Young person

“I can look in my mirror and think wow”

Young Person

“The group and activities really helped him feel more calm in the situations he wasn’t feeling calm in before”


“I understand that I am capable of things I didn’t before”

Young person