‘Bounce!’ is our online course which teaches ways we can live happier, healthier lives through gaining an understanding of our emotions and learning some really useful coping skills. Over 5 weeks the course will teach strategies for managing intense emotions and tackling negative thoughts and unhelpful behaviours.

Bounce! is for young people aged 10-13 and a chosen grown up. This could be a parent, carer, grandparent, aunt, uncle…any adult who will be able to support with practising and remembering the skills learnt.

All sessions are delivered via Zoom at set times on a weekly basis and each session is 1 hour long. the EWS digital wellbeing worker can support with all things tech and getting you set up with Zoom if that would be helpful.

What’s covered?

Week 1: How to…Take care of you

Discover three simple secrets to wellbeing success

Week 2: How to…Cope with all the Feels

Feeling all the feels, all the time, is overwhelming. This session will break the feels down and help you get control

Week 3: How to…Win the Worry War

Introducing a technique that will help you manage worries so that they don’t interfere with your day to day life

Week 4: How to…Change it up

Learning how to recognise the helpful and unhelpful things we do and making a plan to boost or reduce these

Week 5: How to…Chill out

Strategies to keep the anger gremin in check so it doesn’t mess things up for us.

Sign up!

If this looks like the course for you, or a young person you know, head on over to the referral section of the website and send us your details. Once we receive your referral, a member of the EWS team will call to sort out all the logistics and talk through how you can get the most out of the course.

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