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Drugs and alcohol

Young people who are experiencing problems with drugs or alcohol can access the Emotional Wellbeing Service to get free, professional and confidential support to help them reduce and/or give up substances.

The Emotional Wellbeing Service offers support around the misuse of alcohol and any other substances including illegal drugs such as cannabis, New Psychoactive Substances, prescription medicines and anabolic steroids.

The Emotional Wellbeing Service accepts referrals from and for young people aged 10 up to age 18 years who are actively using drugs and alcohol as well as those who are at risk of substance misuse.

The service operates a transition protocol which supports 18 year olds to access adult substance misuse services when they are no longer eligible for young people’s services.

The Emotional Wellbeing Service offers 1-1 support for young people in helping them explore their motivations for use, identifying triggers and developing tools and strategies to help them cut down and give up substances. The service also works with young people to prevent relapse.

For those young people who need a higher level of intervention, the Emotional Wellbeing Service can make referrals to clinical services.


Above all, the Emotional Wellbeing Service works to keep young people safe. In order to do this we ensure we provide young people with the most factual, accurate and up to date information about substances and the associated risks.

For more information on the substance misuse support available, please contact the Single Point of Contact on 0800 008 6879 or send us a message and we will call you back.

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“[EWS] helped to learn new and better ways to deal with stuff”

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“I can look in my mirror and think wow”

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“The group and activities really helped him feel more calm in the situations he wasn’t feeling calm in before”


“I understand that I am capable of things I didn’t before”

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